Daily Run Services

Horizon Bus Line also does services from Boston, New York and NY Boston on a regular basis, running from Anderson regional transportation center Woburn MA, to Alewife red line station through river side green line station to New York. Our arrival point in New York is Harlem just convenient to connect to Metro North, subways 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Here you easily reach your destination quicker than expected. Objectively, cutting off the one hour or so run to China town or other drop off of our competitors.

And same route from NY to riverside green line station through alewife to Anderson regional transportation center.

We comprehend that our clients’ needs don't always fit nicely into the typical business day, and our 24 hour dispatch service is there for you. We guarantee your safety with us throughout the entire trips.

The new fleet offers the latest in on- board high-tech equipment. Wi-Fi and electoral outlets let passengers be plugged –in while surfing the web, playing games or checking e mail. Our tilt- back seats offer added leg room with footrests and fold down tables perfect for laptops. Horizon bus line provides transportation between New York City and Newton & Cambridge, Massachusetts. We hold this service to the highest of standards and are fully committed to customer service. As soon as you are greeted by our friendly staff you will see and feel the difference. It is time to look forward to your trip!

Time Run:

Our bus run will run from 7:00am-1:00am. See schedule page for details.

Customer Service:

Hospitality has always been the answer to our calls. First impression is a lasting one. We are friendly and flexible and engaging we will work hard to do whatever it takes to make your trip fun and memorable experience. We take care, listen to your needs, and match our products and services to meet our clients’ expectations.


We know that you are placing all your trust with us. We therefore dedicate our mechanics to keeping our fleet of motor coaches in smooth working order. They work to ensure that every motor coach arrives without incident at each location.


Drivers do not only sit to behind wheels but they put in high skills, professionalism, engage, take an extra mile to help in a friendly and hospitable manner. They are sure to arrive on time for your pickup, greet you warmly, drive safely to your destination, and deliver you on time. They also observe regulatory laws. Horizon is the answer that can quickly and cost-effectively secure the vehicles you need for your bus charter. Horizon is also able to coordinate with qualified drivers, attendants, tour guides, and any other personnel you may need to meet your goals. You have options when it comes to hiring a bus charter company, so do not settle for one that will be unable to meet your expectations.


We endeavor to make your trip comfortable and rejuvenating, we clean each motor coach meticulously when it returns. Our cleaning crew is pleased to take care of you. If you are planning a group excursion in New England and beyond looking to charter buses for safe and efficient transportation Horizon bus line is the choice you are looking for. To speak with an experienced agent feel free to contact us.